Spectral Signals

by Old Sol

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joshuadun honestly, it's lyrically genius and lately it's one of my favorites Favorite track: Oceans.
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released August 15, 2016

Mixed, mastered, and produced by John Terry of John Terry Sound
Artwork by Ryan Hock (www.ryan-hock.com)
Spoken word segment in "Oceans" excerpted from Cosmos by Carl Sagan



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Old Sol Naperville, Illinois

Rock band from the Chicago suburbs.

Ilan Haskel - guitar, vocals
Tom Berard - violin, guitar, vocals
Evan Hock - bass, vocals
Geoff Siuciak - drums, percussion

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Track Name: Well Spent
We used to be flammable
Sparks would fly and we'd ignite
Now we're so mechanical
I don't wanna waste my time with you
I don't wanna cling to the things we clung to
I don't wanna waste my time with you

And I don't know what to say
I think it's time we went our separate ways

So let me down easy
I'm locked in these sheets
These hallways are scaring me
I don't have the strength
To say what I want to say
I can't come home anymore

Breaking down at 3 pm
On a busy train it's a quiet spin
Trembling I clutch my keys
2 missed calls an angry text
Passive aggression and hate well spent
This god damn shirt it smells like sex

But this town is a burden
It isn't my fault
That all my accomplishments start to feel small
As I break and I bend
This night doesn't end
When will it?
Track Name: Framework
I left home
Without a purpose
You caught me
Inside my head
Redirect me
Reflect my surface
Now all my time's
Spent inside my bed

But still I choke up
Guess I'm not ready to go
Something tells me
I can't live on my own

These walls are broken bleeding
Battered but my heart is beating still
My framework's made of steel
And when the time comes that
My lungs give out and fall to the ground
You'll be there for me still
My framework's made of steel

I'm limping
Across this hallway
Stuck inside
My own advice
I told myself
It would be easy
But changing
Is its own vice
Track Name: Marrow
I drew a line and you moved it
Took my point and you proved it
Grabbed my heart and removed it
Now I feel like I ain't shit
Sick of grasping at muses
Sifting through all my music
Cataloging my bruises
Fuck I feel like I'm useless

And I wish
I didn't think of you
Every time it rained
And it's hard
To try and think about
The time that slipped away
I try to feel like I'm worth something
But your face comes back around
And makes me feel like I'm worth nothing
Besides bones to feed the ground

You cast your net and I bit it
Sunk my teeth in and slid into
Days of hot blood reactions
Cracked my skull into fractions
I'm twisting and turning
My insides are burning
I'm stuck shades of blue
Always thinking of you

And it's
Time to make sure
That all of my fights
Are worth fighting for
And it's
Time to make sure
That all of my ships
Have left the shore by now
It seems
That all my life
I've been second best
Always second guessing my self

So break me down
I will stand tall
I will not bend
I will not fall
Color me in
Try not to miss me when I'm gone
(I hope you miss me when I'm gone)

So listen close
As we lay here
I'll pump the truth
Into your ears
Time to let go
Time to accept the story's close
Time to stop living as a ghost
And move on
Track Name: Unpacking
I thought I knew you
I just knew the things you gave me
Like regret, a penchant for depression
A broken picture frame
But alas I stopped and stared
Inside a box of memorabilia
So symbolic of our nature
I just stopped and sighed your name

A box of broken things I watched us become
Lungs and limbs and bandages we succumbed
To the ever present thought that we were nothing but unluck
And lady fortune tightened up

And I don't wanna say goodbye yet
There's twenty things we haven't done yet
I could place you on a string
And trace you down my broken seems
Cuz I don't wanna say goodbye yet

Count to ten and we will meet again you said
Now I'm all out of fingers and toes
And breath
Take a shot and drunk remind me how we met
So I know that I lay in your heart and not just your head

You're never here neither there

I'm wasting time on you
You're not coming back

It was the summer of laughs
Although I knew it would pass
Our promises turned to glass
And like ice they shattered and passed away

A thunderstorm on the beach
Lightning showers to keep
Framed beside my bed
I don't get much sleep anymore
Since you left
Track Name: Oceans
I will break off all my limbs
If it means a freedom from existence
If it means the cold won't feel so fucking cold
If it means I'll never have to be alone

I will shut you out so quick
If it means I'll never have to open up
If I sense you prying in I'll hole on up
My heart will hibernate and give you up

Spectral signals come between
Tugging lines of symmetry
Pulling softly as we go
Separating at the seams
Oceans rise and fall between
We were never meant to be

We will break free
We will know everything
We will know everything
To know
We will take heed
We will fear everything
But we will know everything
We will know...